Nice to Meet You

greetings! you're currently reading a love letter to CSS, signed 5 a.m. Girlfriend. ever since web design became my hobby, i've devoted countless hours to this little corner of the internet. here you'll find a variety of themed journals and shrines, cataloguing my daily experiences and miscellaneous interests.

for me, diary-keeping is both a coping mechanism and creative outlet. and in this era, an online diary is much easier to customise and keep up with than a physical one. as much as i loved my paper-and-pen journals, i'm glad to have taken on this new medium. i'll never go back!

this website also showcases my pixel collection, which i have been steadily amassing since 2014. as of now, it boasts more than 70,000 grahpics from all over the web! lately, i've been using a lot of pictures related to my special interest, too, just for the fun of it. even CSS itself energises me— it's so freeing! i love to come up with new designs for each page, and then customise them to my exact liking.

in general, 5 a.m. GF is a project born of unabashed self-indulgence, with myself and my real-life fiancée as the primary audience. of course, even if you don't fall into that narrow selection, i'm glad that you're here! thank you for coming. i hope you enjoy your stay.


but who is the webmaster behind it all, you ask? well, pleased to make your acquaintaince! my screen name is Five. i'm a 21 year-old woman, cuteness enthusiast, literal angel, etc. if i had a tail, rest assured that it would be wagging near constantly.

Strengths patient, intuitive, cheerful. fits in small spaces
Weaknesses asocial, stubborn, slothful. can't smell or taste
Hobbies reading, self-reflection, playing devil's advocate
Personality enneagram 9. dorodere. cleric. existentialist
Likes wildflowers, gingham, multitasking, pigeons
Dislikes female socialisation, spicy peppers, men
Goal to spend many peaceful days together with my wife
Appearance petite form, wild hair. wears child-sized shoes
Fatal Flaw hiccups incessantly when excited


"Well, I'd say you're... unique!" — sister cousin

"Sometimes I can't tell when you're joking." — mother of mine

"You're a gregarious loner." — late father

"And where is the protein in that meal?" — well-intentioned auntie

"I've never known her to have any friends." — well-intentioned uncle

"You're a little angel." — grandma (sincere)

"Who's my baby? Who's my little baby? You are! You are! ♥♥♥!" — Twelve

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