Seaside Shooting Star!  

welcome to my little cottage by the sea.
here, rainy evenings water the morning glories and replenish the birdbaths. every afternoon, we sunbathe in the meadow, lulled by the gentle waves and warm ocean breeze.

24th of April

today is a beautiful day. the past couple days, it's been really windy, but right now the air is warm and still. everything is in bloom: tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms, dogwood, magnolias, forsythia, redbud, crab apples... looking out the window, there is a big bush with purple flowers too, though i'm not sure what it's called. i'm so so so happy that everything is green again! i love springtime.

it seems that april was another slow month for 5amgf. i think i'd like to get back into Neocities. it's such a good hobby! i have so much fun making pretty pages and filling them up with silly words... it's so much more interesting and productive than scrolling mindlessly on my phone. webdev is not something i can do from my phone, lying in bed... but i'd much rather spend my waking hours sitting up straight anyways.

hmm, there are a couple things to take care of. i want to update my gaming diary! and figure out why my music diary doesn't scroll properly? and finish my soukoku shrine, and make a new diary for may. ... wow! it's gonna be 5amgf's one year anniversary too. that's so fun. ^.^ i'm really glad to have held onto this website for a whole year. that's a new record!

some other updates that maybe i will write about later, after i've had some lunch and care to focus on it more: 1. my new job is great! i really like my supervisor and the coworker training alongside me. 2. i've been listening to the Law and Order SVU rewatch podcast called That's Messed Up and it's pretty fun. the hosts are just as funny as the ladies on My Favourite Murder. unfortunately because of the nature of the podcast i have to listen to all their terrible opinions on bdsm and prostitution, but it's forgivable enough. 3. Twelve and i have fantastic news!!! we finally have a date for our visit this summer! it's so exciting. i can't wait to write more about it in my love diary~ 4. also, i bought my first tarot deck! gummy bear tarot! maybe i'll make a tarot reading page sometime, too.

something that made me happy today: as a treat for doing well at my new job, i was treated to a bagel with creamed cheese and a fried egg. it was super duper yummy! the cream cheese was soooo slimy that the egg would slide out when i took a bite, but i didn't mind picking it back up with my hands and eating it that way. i can't wait to make that breakfast for myself. so delicious.

18th of April

very sunny, bright, and temperate today. i'm reading my sentences aloud as i type them out because it feels good to give my mouth something to do. i like how the breeze filters in when i open the windows on adjacent walls. the cherry tree outside is half red, half pink, and i saw a giant magnolia tree in bloom the other day. the non-flowering trees are starting to regrow their leaves, too. i'm really looking forward to the spring- and summertime if only to gaze out over the green hillsides.

i had a hard week and didmn't want to do much of anything. for the most part, i stayed in bed and tried to keep busy without doing a single productive activity. lots of video game playing, which was enjoyable though equally exhausting. i've run out of episodes of My Favorite Murder, so now i'm looking at different podcasts on the same network. i've decided i won't listen to anything new unless it has female hosts. i don't want to hear a man's voice if i can help it.

in other news, i have some schoolwork to do to make up for my complete lack of effort during the week. laundry to take care of, as well. i think i'd like to wash my hair tomorrow, too, in the morning when there is enough time to let it dry. i miss writing in my diary on here! and using my bullet journal, too. but i guess there was no need to write anything down because there was no news.

so here's more news: i got the job! training starts next Friday. it's pretty exciting because i've never had a job before and i think it'll be interesting to learn the ropes, especially in this field that i'm mostly unfamiliar with. i hope my coworkers don't mind that i'm ugly and strange.

also, my little succulent plant is doing well. i suspect that she needs a bigger pot. perhaps sometime soon i can look for a replacement at the flower shop uptown. because she's situated in a little porcelain sheep, i'll have to be careful about the dimensions. might as well just bring the whole thing with me for a true consultation!

to pass the time, i read some manga. Porcelain Eye and Deadman Wonderland, neither of which were very good. i did like that final fight in DMWD though, but only because it reminded me of Keiichi versus Rena in Higurashi.

i want to talk more with Twelve. i miss the sound of her voice.

i feel like my entries are very discordant and scattered lately, like the quality of my writing is decreasing and i can't keep things in order. oh well. i'm sure it doesn't really matter in the end.

11th of April

it's been drizzling all day today. i wish that we could have a proper thunderstorm sometime. i miss the thunder and lightning. on the bright side, the trees are getting their leaves back. i saw plenty of them with bright green buds on them! very exciting. and the cherry blossom petals scatter so nicely on rainy days... it really is spring, huh?

i've just been resting the past few days. on thursday, i had a thousand things to do, but i managed it all without getting worn down or overwhelmed. i'm really proud of myself, actually. i kept my head up all along and managed to get everything all done on time! it was exciting...

the most important thing i did on thursday was my job interview. it went really, really well. i've never been interviewed for a job before, so it was exciting and honestly pretty fun. i answered all the questions without a hitch, probably because the other guys did all the talking. men are like that, lol.

i'm too tired to write much more. i want to relax and eat dinner soon... ah... hungry. i want salty food! yummy, delicious, salty food...

7th of April

though today the sky is all grey and overcast, it's surprisingly warm outside. i'd attribute this to the calm air. usually, it's insanely windy up here, but for today the weather has calmed down quite a bit. i noticed some more flowers blooming, both in the trees and on the ground. who knew that daffodils could be white? i've never seen anything like it before! they're so cute.

i want to see some tulips soon, too. i love tulips the most. i've also noticed lots of birds in the bushes and trees. they're always singing, morning and night. i'm really grateful for the ambient noise, though i worry that means the insects will return soon as well. i don't have any screens on my windows and i doubt that i can get any installed, so i'll be chilling with the horseflies for a couple of months.

this morning during breakfast, i watched a couple more episodes of Bunou Stray Dogs Wan!, the animated version of their 4-koma spin off. my favourites are the ones with Chuuya, but i also really enjoy the ones about characters i don't usually think about, like Yosano and Higuchi. i bet there have been a couple focused on Kyouka too, but i can't remember any. i wish that Asagiri would write his female characters better, because i'm sure the IRL authors were so much more interesting and deserving of proper arcs. there's nothing i can do about it though, except read their work myself.

that's a good idea, actually. i think i'll grab some e-books of the English translations and go from there. i need some new avenues for keeping busy instead of just refreshing my e-mail all the time or putzing around in Love Nikki even when i don't have any stamina. i ought to reorganise my phone so that my books are front-and-center!

well, since tomorrow is a really busy day, i'll try to have fun for a while. i have like a thousand places to go and people to talk to... but i in truth am looking forward to it. my interview was finally rescheduled— i'll meet the guy tomorrow morning! now if only i knew whether it was online or in-person... i hope i don't have to wait much longer to find out. it's a little stressful!

lately i've been taking pictures of the trees as they start to bloom, particularly when there's a little bird perched in the branches. even though i don't know a thing about photography, i still have fun snapping the shots. maybe i'll make a little page to showcase them, sometime.

speaking of, there are already so many things i wanna make! it's hard to know where to start, ahaha. in the works, i've already got my Soukoku shrine, a Madoka themed page of my favourite music, and an Animal Crossing diary, plus i want to renovate the book club and maybe my love diary, too. lots to do! i'll never run out! ^.^

it seems my laundry is almost done. after that i think i'll go do some homework (read: cheat on a quiz) and then put on a documentary and do some fun web mastery stuff~

5th of April

wow, today is very warm! when i went out this morning, i felt chilly in the wind and shade, but the sunshine perked me right up. i didn't even need to wear a coat. there were some cherry blossom petals scattering about, too. i can't wait until all the trees are full of leaves again. just looking at the green grass makes me so very happy, so when the trees join in the seasonal fun, it'll be a real party.

i spent the weekend relaxing, playing Animal Crossing and Love Nikki, and going to bed early. i got to eat my favourite granola, too! it's so sweet and yummy. i think i'll have another bowl when i'm finished with this entry. in fact, the weekend was so laidback that i didn't write at all in my bullet journal. as such, a couple of assignments have slipped my mind. oopsies!

there's still time to finish up, so i'm not worried or overly disappointed. i just wish that i'd taken care of everything sooner. how many more times will i procrastinate before i learn my lesson? experience is the best teacher, but i wish i could learn just from others' mistakes instead.

i also watched some sociocultural documentaries. it's hard to focus on them sometimes, so i also mindlessly played 2048 as i watched. i haven't had that game in ages! it's a lot better for keeping my hands busy than Solitaire, which requires a bit more brain power and attention. maybe i ought to find my fidget spinners again. they're probably lost in my desk somewhere. i really hope i can find the rainbow one, at least! it's got such a nice texture.

oh, and the job interview mentioned in my last entry was cancelled! apparently, the person meant to meet me had some urgent business to take care of. we'll reschedule something for this week. i hope that he'll get back to me sooner rather than later!

i think i'd like to add a gratitude section to this page, but i'm not sure where to put it. for now, i'll just say this: i felt happy today when i woke up early and played Animal Crossing at 4 a.m.! the hourly music for 0400 and 0500 are so calming and gentle and very pretty. it's a shame that i don't get to hear them all that often. i really, really miss the Wild World soundtracks— they make me so nostalgic!— and wish that i could easily listen to them while playing this game. that's nothing but a pipe dream, though. maybe someone has made a mod for it? i wouldn't know. my days of Switch hacking have yet to arrive.

another thing that made me happy was writing this entry. it's a good way to unwind and reflect on what i've been up to. keeping a diary keeps me sane, you could say. i'd like to start using more pixels and emoticons and throughout my journals, too, and i know just how i'll set it up!

1st of April

last night was drizzly, so today everything is all foggy and white and chilly. though most of the trees are still bare, the daffodils are blooming, and i saw a couple smaller trees with white flowers, too. i can't wait until everything is green again. winter is really hard.

i'm glad that it's finally April! it means we're getting closer and closer to summertime, ever so steadily. i just washed my face. my succulent is doing well. tomorrow i have a job interview. life is not bad! the only problem with springtime is that it means i constantly hear lawnmowers and leafblowers and noisy trucks all day, every day. it's hard to deal with.

still, i feel sleepy and like i want to stay in bed. it's a little hard to focus, but i'll be alright. maybe after i've taken care of all my responsibilities, then i can unwind by playing a game, or something. i'd like to do more decorating in Animal Crossing, but i sometimes feel overwhelmed while designing the map.

hopefully sometime soon i'll find a good way to shut my brain off. maybe drawing will help.