Saturday 6 November, 2021

it's a cold and sunny day. the big tree outside my window is all orange and yellow and it looks very pretty in the sun. today i wore my winter coat for the first time. i'll have to start wearing my gloves soon, too.

i'm very tired lately, so i didn't feel like making a cool looking page for november... ok, well that's not exactly true. i started out thinking "low effort, but i'll still try something new!" because i'd been really hyped about the CSS property "shape-outside" ever since i first learnt of it. turns out it's wayyy more complicated to use than i predicted because for some dumb reason it can't detect the alpha layer in literally any image ever, which fucking sucks and really frustrates me............. so. this month's page is pretty boring.

but anyway, no more complaining. if i wanted to figure it out, i would! so i'll say happier things now.. umm.. hmmm....

as always Twelve has been very sweet with me lately, she brightens my day a lot. i'm having fun writing stories and stuff. food is good... water is yummy... um...

something that made me happy today

i got to talk on the phone with Twelve in the morning, it was really nice.

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