parfum des étoiles

just the two of us in this garden of roses, breathing in the sweet summer scent of love. it's destiny that we should be here right now. the stars brought us together. as we embrace i rest my chin on your shoulder and sigh into your ear, "i have autism... please, let me infodump..."


Bloom With You! a chronicle of the music i've recently enjoyed, both new and old. includes embedded videos for easy listening~

1998 Digital Whisper gamers rise up! here, i share thoughts on the video games i play as well as future projects within them

Additional Memory my single-member book club where i half-review, half-ramble-about my latest finished books. spoiler warning!

Creeper Hissing > the history of Twelve and i's minecraft LAN world, Soukohama! we are having lots of fun building tall structures and then falling off of them


those are his hooves you bitch dedicated to Bungou Stray Dogs' Dazai Osamu, the love of my life and pain in my ass. proceed with caution. R-15 for swear words and blue humour.

Mineral Town Ministry my favourite websites: everything from resources to recommendations. hotlinks included, of course! and all with the stylings of my favourite game series, Bokujo Monogatari!

Murder My Heart! AT LAST! a shrine to my One True Pairing, Soukoku~ i had lots of fun with this, and there is even more fun to be had when i have the energy to write more. but don't worry, there's already a novella waiting for you ;+)

close your eyes...