12 July 2021

hard at work on the forge

i've installed some mods for our little world, most notably charm. it's rather robust and i'm excited to see how it helps the game along, though i've yet to play around with it much. Twelve really wanted craftable saddles but i haven't found anything that works with the latest update. personally, i'm hoping to find something that adds new food to the game. we have like 128 carrots and nothing to do with them!

10 July 2021

soukoku mining contest!
not clickbait!!!

Twelve has at last conquered the water-lava-obsidian puzzle! we now have access to the nether— plus more lava than we could ever know what to do with. there's a fossil right by the spawn point, too. how lucky!

we also continued exploring the abandoned mineshaft near our home. today Twelve said it would be more fun to compete than mine the same veins, so we both gave it our all. even though she got more diamonds than me, in the end our spoils were about the same in terms of robustness and usefulness. it was really fun!

in other news, while exploring we both discovered one village each. because Twelve actually knows how to play the game, she got them all jobs and then, in the deal of the century, traded our coal, paper, and rotten flesh for shiny emeralds. meanwhile, i picked more flowers than we have space to store.


Specialties: digging wherever, vegetable hype, living diamond dowsing rod, extraneous torches


Block: jack-o-lantern | Mob: salmon | Biome: plains
Songs: subwoofer lullaby, living mice
Last Seen: harassing NEET villagers into getting jobs


Specialties: decorating cute but ineffecient structures, cheat codes, cooking, recipe lookup


Block: sunflower | Mob: sheep | Biome: sunflower plains
Songs: sweden, mice on venus, chris
Last Seen: picking tulips in stacks of 64