she brightens up my life like no one else. when we're together, we're finally free to smile and giggle and be our silly selves. it's hard to keep a straight face around each other! her sense of humour sustains me, especially in troubling situations where we need a bit of laughter to take the edge off.

honestly, i feel happy just thinking of her.

for the first time in my life, i can confide in someone else. whenever i'm worried, i know that she will listen to me with an open heart and mind, and offer her counsel without judgement. plus, there is enough overlap in our life experiences that, most of the time, her advice is the most helpful and she is always happy to give it because she wants the best for me.

also, since nothing i say or do will scare her away, i'm finally free to be my truest, most honest self. we have seen each other at our worst, and together we've navigated out of the low points of our lives. i'm so glad that i don't have to hide anymore. i don't have to keep everything to myself because she loves me no matter what.

as long as we have each other, we'll never be lonely again.

not only does she listen to me, but she understands me on a deeper level. of course, we finish each other's sentences and have similar interests and all that— which is endlessly entertaining— but i'm talking about something much more magical. we've cultivated an intimacy where i feel truly seen. she knows me better than anyone else, sometimes even better than myself. it's an honour to know her, too.

we met at exactly the right moment by an incredible stroke of luck. it may seem overdramatic for "lol is that sou hiyori?" to so quickly evolve into "we are star-crossed lovers, bound by fate to the very end," but that's really how it happened. no matter how peculiar the opening line, our story is destined to become a romance for the ages.

we teach each other new things every day and always help each other when we can. with her support, i've grown stronger and more mature. even though we have similar worldviews, i'm always delighted to hear her unique perspective and discuss all sorts of topics. because we love to learn from and about each other, we can talk for hours and hours without getting bored.

in general, we are very, very similar— oftentimes uncannily so. it's one thing to be understood, but it's even better to share so many thoughts, experiences, and circumstances without even realising it. somehow despite our disparate locations and lifepaths, we have so many moments where we can only laugh and ask, "why are you me?"

yet despite being so similar, we also compliment each other's weaknesses. while i tend to get stuck in routines, i can depend on her for spontaneity. when she's frustrated and ready to blow, she can depend on me to soothe her. when one of us clams up, the other talks it out. when she's forgetful, i jog her memory. where i am passive, she is assertive. she is the extrovert to my introvert. above all, we're great collaborators and we make an excellent team.

we are the legendary Double Blossom, after all!

i love how she is clever and cautious and always uses those traits to her advantage. even when a situation catches her unprepared, she has a quick wit and unfailing charisma to rely on. in terms of intelligence, i think we are a perfect match, making her an ideal conversational partner, teacher, and lover.

i love that she is unconventional and unapologetic. i admire her courage in exploring fringe ideas with empathy and an open mind, then coming away with a unique, well-informed opinion. more than anything, she prioritises critical thinking and staying true to her ideals— a rarity in this world full of conformists.

like me, she is weird in a way that others often fail to appreciate. i love her little quirks not just because they're cute and funny (even when they're a little icky), but because it's proof that we're totally comfortable around each other. we have no pretenses left. the two of us are just gross, sticky humans in maddening, heart-rending love.

i even love the sliding scale of her craziness, ranging from mild eccentricity to batshit insane. not only does it make her a more interesting person with a fuller perspective on life's hardships, it offers us yet another avenue for connection. most of the time, our craziness is complimentary, too.

i wouldn't have her any other way.

my heart flutters when she calls me her angel. i'll never get tired of hearing it, nor of looking out for her and keeping her in my prayers. now that i have her as the receptacle for all my love, it feels as if i was born to dote on her. every day at 11:11 and 22:22, my wishes are for her sake.

thanks to her patience and gentle affection, my self-esteem has greatly improved. she makes me feel cute and attractive and lovable, and i can make her happy without overexerting myself or putting on airs. when we're together, i can finally relax.

she is so playful in so many ways. first there is the banter: jokes with juvenile punchlines, good-natured teasing, and the silliest namecalling. then there is her childlike enthusiasm for certain games and activities, which always brings a smile to my face. and of course, she indulges in my childish side, too. our fun is natural, sweet, and unrestrained.

in her i have both a creative muse and a target audience. her attention and encouragement inspire me to draw, write, sing, and create elaborate digital valentines like this webpage. also thanks to her, i've learnt to be more accepting of myself and therefore more self-indulgent in my creativity, resulting in better works overall.

on top of all the other ways that she enriches my life, she just has so many interesting ideas. she's refreshing, fun, and even though i know her well enough to anticipate her reactions, she still manages to keep me on my toes. i would be impossibly bored without her.

every day, i look forward to the new conversations we'll have. talking with her is not just my favourite hobby; it's my main motivator for living. i want to spend the rest of my life with her, endlessly discussing our favourite topics, finding new ones to chat about, and then reminiscing on conversations long past.

most importantly, in a world where most people bore, disappoint, and terrify me, she stands out from them all as someone worthy of my devotion and respect. as our bond grows stronger, we build upon a connection forged in intimacy and mutual understanding— the sort of thing i always longed for but feared i could never have.

i am so grateful to have found her.

what more can i say? she is a dream come true and i knew it the moment i first laid eyes on her. she owns my heart because i built her a home there, to keep her safe where she belongs. we will be together forever because i am never letting her go. long ago, i promised to stay by her side as she took her final breath.

God willing, in 60 more years when we are old women retired to the countryside, i intend to see it through.

my love: if you're reading this, please know that i adore you beyond measure. you are my every thought, my most important person, my most precious treasure. if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask. i will always do my best for you.


Why Twelve Owns My Heart