"uwah, can i bring you anything to drink? ah— perhaps a cup of tea? ehehe, okay, i'll go put on the kettle... in the meantime, please entertain yourself with this placeholder text!"

Maid-chan is a sweet and kind girl who works behind the scenes of 5 a.m. girlfriend as a housemaid. she is very serious about her job and considers herself integral to the website's function. despite her eagerness to help, she has a tendency to spiral and blame herself for anything that goes wrong. still, she is just as quick to recover— quicker if someone consoles her. being so emotional strains her relationships, but she rationalises this as proof of her convictions. and while she does admit to needing a lot of attention... she hopes you won't write her off as a crybaby!

when she's not working, maid-chan enjoys browsing antiques from the old web. her all-time favourite is this picture of a rotating pooh bear mug. aside from that, her hobbies include needlework, playing the harp, and writing lists. in minecraft, her favourite block is sugarcane. if you ask her how to write something in CSS, she will resist the urge to overexplain and link you to W3schools instead.

a day in the life of Maid-chan the morning begins at sunrise with a cup of tea and a strawberry tart. because she loves to sleep in, she takes her breakfast in bed and moves slowly while getting dressed. today, she'll wear her hair in twintails and put on a little perfume. perhaps someone will notice she smells of green apple?

on her way to work, maid-chan encounters the cat who wanders all over the website. it's hard to tell if he's a stray, but one thing is for sure: he is very friendly. maid-chan bends down to give him a tummy rub. "good morning, watermark!" watermark promptly climbs on top of her head, disrupting everything in typical kitty fashion.

since it takes some time to get him down, maid-chan worries about making it to work on time. in truth, there is no one who can scold her for being late. but just to be safe, she cries remorsefully for a minute or two, promises to do better next time, and holds a broom for support while she gives a deep bow. then it's off to work!

lots to do today, it seems... oh no, the script-running mechanisms are due for maintenance! at 5 a.m. gf, not a single person knows how to actually write code, but tech-chan is the best at navigating stack.exchange, so they rely on her to keep things functional. if maid-chan knew how to do it herself, she would never call for back-up.

when tech-chan arrives, maid-chan gives her usual greetings in an unusually determined voice. "hello! welcome! thank you for arriving on time!" then she boldly declares: "i won't let you bully me today!"

tech-chan looks up from her phone just long enough to smile and ask, "oh~? you won't~?" maid-chan bites back tears as tech-chan goes off to her work. it's those tildes, she thinks! they get me every time!

from there, maid-chan busies herself tidying up the assets scattered all about the site. she giggles to herself over the silly filenames. what in the world does the 5 a.m. girlfriend mean by "wormsense" or "merrygorondo" ? such gibberish! then again, it's not her job to understand human things; just to dust them off and put them back.

on her way to the broom closet, she passes by tech-chan standing near the back door. "the scripts look good, so i'll be off now."
"oh, well... see you again next time! travel safely!"
maid-chan opens the door for her, but tech-chan only stares quizzically, leaning in to examine her.

"say, maid-chan, you smell really nice today."
the prospect of a compliment immediately causes her heart to race. "thank you so much! do you really mean it?!"
as usual, tech-chan smiles and says, "but of course~ you smell just like a kitten!" by the time maid-chan decides she's being made fun of, tech-chan is already long gone.

are you ready to go?
maid-chan will see you out
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birthday 5 july
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