a secluded, countryside town where the petulant goddess NOMAN lives in eternal childhood... welcome to My World.



the residents of My World know their neighbour NOMAN as an energetic and vaguely threatening young woman. she excels in everything— from catching fish to spotting constellations — apparently without trying. she is outspoken, usually in a bullying way, and considers her egoism a point of pride. it's not that NOMAN doesn't understand that, for others, her idea of fun ranges from mystifying to malevolent; she just doesn't care.

what NOMAN keeps hidden is her true identity. she is a god-like being who, with time and practice, could forge entire universes in her womb. but, despite being ageless and immortal, NOMAN fears "growing up," and the responsibility that comes with it. she prefers to live far, far away from her own kind in a pocket dimension she calls My World. albeit small and secluded, the town at its center acts as a chrysalis from which she may never emerge.

her house is located in the northwest corner, above the museum, surrounded by sun cosmos and peach trees. you can't miss it.

Fun, Fantastical Q & A!

  1. How do we pronounce your name?

    uh, like "Norman," but without the R? very simple.

  2. Okay, but... what does it mean?

    well, gods have long and incomprehensible names, typically composed of vibrations and electrical currents that cannot be transcribed in any written language. that's definitely not going to fit within the character limit! so i named myself after Niru Kajitsu's debut album, instead.

  3. Will you tell us your true name?

    speaking it aloud would instantly evaporate the souls of unenlightened creatures like you... so, yeah, lemme know if you have a death wish.

  4. What's up with the huge walls bordering My World?

    i'm a claustrophile. and they keep out annoying people, too.

  5. Do you have a favourite food?

    i love to eat toshikoshi soba every year. while we're at it, my favourite colour is cyan, my hobby is fishing, and my star sign is Pisces.

  6. Does your pet pirhanna have a name?

    i like to call her Sweet Tooth.

  7. What's under the eyepatch?

    it appears to be an ordinary eyeball, but is actually a save editor. it's best to keep it covered so i don't accidentally mess something up. plus, it adds to my mysterious and enigmatic character, don't you think?

  8. Wait, does that mean you don't have control over your powers?

    enough control to avoid obliterating you where you stand. a better question is: do i have control on my temper? ... well...? aren't you going to ask? i'm waiting.

  9. Um... Can you control your temper, then?

    ehehe. i suggest you leave before we find out.

NOMAN's theme




NOMAN's opinion: it's kind of adorable how he thinks his problems are important.

Apollo's opinion: pah, noisy kids like NOMAN get on my last nerve! i wish we could exile her to one corner of the town and be done with it.


NOMAN's opinion: i know he's ripped and, in theory, he could beat my ass, but this guy is just so punchable. for now, i'll stick to punching him psychologically.

Frobert's opinion: don't tell anyone, but i've been training to the max so i can deadlift NOMAN over my head someday. i wanna throw her in the river, fribbit.


NOMAN's opinion: Joey's okay, could be better. the worst part is that he can't tell when i'm making fun of him!

Joey's opinion: anyone who offers snacks is a friend of mine, bleeeeeck!


NOMAN's opinion: unabashedly mean women are just my type.

Eloise's opinion: that girl is a riot, tooot! i love chatting with her, even though she sometimes says stuff that makes zero sense.


Tom Nook

NOMAN's opinion: i wish he wouldn't prattle on about things i already know. how bored do i have to look to get him to stop?

Tom Nook's opinion: it's unprofessional to speak about a customer in such manner, yes? (but, if you really must know, she... unsettles me.)


NOMAN's opinion: a bird of few words... i can respect that. as long as i buy a cup of coffee when i come in, he lets me write letters in his café all day.

Brewster's opinion: ... she drank boiling water in front of me, coo.


NOMAN's opinion: if i catch this otter on my property ever again, it's on sight.

Lyle's opinion: made the deal, yeah? bang! she signed it. just like that. ink's still wet. then i saw the shovel. too late, though. bang! i'm unconscious. just like that.