with the scrape of metal against cement, the shrine at last opens its vaulted doors... you're here for a reason, aren't you? don't you want to hear about my OTP— in painstaking detail, complete with figures, citations, and enough background information to fill an encyclopedia? haha. as if you have a choice.

  1. Who are Soukoku?
    background information on Bungou Stray Dogs and its characters
  2. Why is their relationship so compelling?
    a long-ass fucking dissertation with a very simple argument: "they should kiss"
  3. What do they mean to me?
    discover the 77% occupation Soukoku holds over my mind
  4. Where can you see more of them?
    a carefully curated list of fan-content recommendations

warning! this shrine contains major spoilers for Bungou Stray Dogs, sort-of-but-not-really including the most recent novel, Stormbringer. honestly i have no idea what's up with that one. i just like the pretty pictures.

at the very least, don't blame me for the secrets you unfortunately uncover while reading this gargantuan sperg. i literally spoiled myself while writing it. on top of the autism, don't you think i have enough to deal with already?


have you had enough of this? well then...

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