Www Dot Healing Team!

feeling bored? dunno what to do, where to go, or what to look at? trifle no longer! when nothing in the real world cuts it, 5 a.m. gf's squadron of internet medics will reach into your personal Anhelldonia and rescue you! armed with my personal recommendations, i guarantee you'll find something interesting. if not— well... we'll try to avoid turning off your PC...

Table of Contents

  1. Salvations
  2. Intoxicants
  3. Supplies
  4. Tools


websites that are good for your soul.

Ushi No Tane to match the page's styling, let's start with a Bokujou Monogatari fansite! this is the definitive resource for all things Harvest Moon— and very nostalgic for me

Vintage Toy Ads pics of American toys from the past century. my favourites are the plushies and trains! :+) i also like the early-digital stuff from the 80's and 90's

The Editor's Blog writing advice. though the content is mostly geared towards novelists, i think it's helpful for short-form writing, too. authored by a woman with experience in publishing

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary an incredibly cute children's dictionary with old-web charm. i love the little pictures. it has lots of bilingual options, too!

vgperson though i first knew her for vocaloid song subtitles, this translator mainly hosts free downloads of independent Japanese RPGMaker games. my favourites are End Roll, At the Tale End, and Your Turn to Die!

Distributed Proofreaders associated with Project Gutenburg, a library of over 60,000 free e-books. the people at DP are the ones proofreading and digitising that massive collection! it's very fun and anyone can help preserve these books with just a bit of their time.

Train Streams Live live video feed of train stations and tracks around Japan. they make for a very fun watch, though it can get boring waiting for the trains to arrive... just be mindful of your timezone!

Pokéflix a great place to stream Pokémon— both the series and the movies— for free. my favourite film is the 3rd, Spell of the Unown!

Lain Game a recreation of the 1998 Serial Experiments Lain playstation game, made playable entirely within your internet browser of choice. during my decidedly psychotic Lain Era, this software was my favourite part of the canon.

Bungou Stray Dogs Manga Online can you believe it? a website dedicated entirely to the BSD manga! it uploads new chapters from translation groups all across the English-speaking web.

Shadow Scans read the creepy-cute seinen manga Shadows House for free online! not only does the work have great character design, full-colour illustrations, and a gripping atmosphere, the scanlation quality is top notch.

The Cave of Dragonflies a really cool Pokémon fansite that has been active for almost 20 years! the webmaster has a lot of firsthand experience, so this particular link leads to her "website tips" section.

Mikutap tap on your keyboard or press the touch screen to make epic vocaloid music!!! so addictive, a great way to put the brain out to pasture

DearCupid.ORG anonymously give and receive relationship advice. the site was in its heydey between 2007-2011 and retains its old-web charm

A Better Version of "Hush Little Baby" my favourite lullaby ♥ i love when Twelve sings it for me

see also the resources section in my love diary for websites about marriage, lesbians, autism, and detransition.


websites that are bad for your soul, but okay in moderation.

Lolcow Farms a female-only imageboard. though it's main function is mean-spirited gossip, the more casual boards are great places to chat with other women. if you catch me soukoku posting, don't @ me


  • no men allowed
  • no pornography allowed
  • varied conversation topics. there's a thread for everyone
  • mobile browsing available
  • it's anonymous— nobody notices my coming or going. there's no need to keep up with social media when i can post my jokes and funny observations on the farms and disappear again
  • you can change the website skin and make everything pink
  • cons

  • men desperately wish they were allowed
  • people there can be very mean, or at least overly critical, and i find myself absorbing that negativity
  • easy to get sucked in
  • extremely unproductive
  • if you read the gossip threads, you'll gain a lot of unpleasant and wholly useless knowledge about the most irrelevant things you can imagine

Club Penguin Rewritten club penguin shut down in 2017 and you probably haven't played since 2010, but thanks to some devoted fans, you can relive your glory days! all in all, it's a very faithful reproduction of the original game


  • lots of minigames. my fave is the dancing one
  • no more paywalls! finally, i can deck out my igloo without begging to use my mom's credit card
  • monthly events; dedicated community
  • nostalgia
  • cons

  • target audience: children. i love kids' stuff as a concept, but interacting with actual kids/teens in an MMO is kind of embarrassing
  • often lonely and boring without friends

Watch Documentaries an easy and free way to watch all sorts of documentaries created from many different perspectives. some were made-for-TV while others are direct-to-DVD types— but all of them are interesting


  • no advertisements
  • well sorted categories
  • new films added regularly
  • cons

  • content may be depressing
  • keep in mind that humans weren't designed to concern themselves with the goings-on of the entire world, only a small tribe of ~150 people

Empty Movement the epicenter of the Revolutionary Girl Utena fandom for the past 20 years. this is the fansite to end all fansites


  • extremely well-designed. old-web charm to the max
  • tons of content from over the years
  • intriguing, funny, and lovingly written
  • cons

  • ikuhara anime hurts
  • easy to get obsessed; you may collect an inordinate amount of knowledge
  • once you know enough about this show, you can never bring it up without your girlfriend saying "we get it, you watched Utena!"

Anime Twist for streaming anime with English subtitles, including those currently airing. coolest feature: the ability search for titles in both English and Japanese


  • no advertisements, pop-ups, or malware
  • great user interface
  • wide selection of titles
  • next episode starts automatically
  • cons

  • brain rots if you watch too much


websites with resources to add to your collection.

Fool Lovers my #1 site for pixels and background images. keep in mind the majority of the website is in Japanese, but don't worry. navigation becomes easier the more you click around

Sorahana i love this site just as much as Foollovers! in like manner, this one is mostly in Japanese and, at times, i find the text to be infuriatingly small... but the cute pixels are worth it!!!

Peachie's Collection a wonderful selection of vintage pixels, lovingly sorted by category and set. you'll find several different art styles— i truly believe there's something for everyone

Nekohebi World among my favourite pixel collections hosted on the last bastion of social media, Tumblr. this links to the "tag" page so you can easily browse the categories

Whimsical a cute and sweet collection of colourful, bouncy pixels. they're all so adorable, i don't even know where to begin! in the works since 2006.

Safebooru an anime booru that automatically pulls non-sexual art from other sites. fair warning: depending on what tags you go into, there's still some unsettling/sexual stuff, but as a whole this site is infinitely more tolerable than other anime art repositories

Gifcities a search engine for every last .gif posted on Geocities. it's really fun to put in random words!!! old-web charm galore~

Sitting on Clouds download anime and video game soundtracks for free! high quality MP3 and FLAC, with tags and album art already included

TEXTANIM regular fonts not cutting it? try this website that gives you the power to make pretty text with animated patterns! they have a sister-site that makes glowing text, too


websites that make your life easier.


Line Sticker Downloader a sophisticated tool for ripping stickers from the official Line website. always choose the "iPhone2X" option if you want stickers big enough to use!

Ascii 2D reverse image search for pixiv and twitter. like SauceNao but instead of linking to a booru, it'll take you straight to the source. note: the website is entirely in Japanese, and false positive results usually contain h*ntai...

Waifu2x take a tiny image and double it in size without sacrificing quality. compared to other websites with the same mechanism, i like this one the most for its colourfulness and straightforward UI

Postimages free image-hosting website! unlike imgur, which is clogged up with random stuff you never asked to see and a weird social media adjacent model, Postimages is simple, sleek, and perfectly functional


Lorem Ipsum Generator generate placeholder text for your website in varying lengths. if you're not in a rush, you can read about the history of 'lorem ipsum' too. i actually prefer this website, but it appears to be down at the moment.

Related Words search for a word or short phrase and find tons of similar words. great for coming up with gibberish phrases, though i have fun looking around even without an objective

Nouns like Related Words above, this website spits out nouns revelant to your input of choice. they also have alphabetised lists and other categories! very exciting for people who love words

WordWeb technically not a website, but it's my favourite virtual dictionary precisely because it's offline. i've been using WordWeb as my primary thesaurus, dictionary, and spell-checker for a decade now.

Transfonter easily add fonts to your website with this bulletproof web-font generator! super quick and easy to use, they even write the css rules for you!


Auto Chords generates chord progressions based on the key and desired mood of your song. very helpful when composing or even just improvising

DeepL accurate machine translation between a myriad of languages. typically, the results come out more coherent than other translators

Web Oasis this magical site is a search engine for dozens of different things, all at once, lending easy access to all sorts of news, tools, and resources. there's a little something for every situation!

EDRi's Booklet for Ethical Web Development for all of you interested in making a better internet: start with your own website! i'm aiming to implement these sorts of solutions here on 5 a.m. gf, as well :+)

Anime Twitter @ Generator some of the funniest and worst usernames i have ever seen. if i hated myself enough, i would rejoin social media just to use one