Early Morning Epilogue


Greetings! welcome to 5 a.m. Girlfriend, a love letter to CSS. this little corner of the world wide web hosts a collection of themed diaries about my daily life and miscellaneous interests. for me, an online diary is much easier to customise than a physical one. as much as i've loved all my paper-and-pen journals, these are the ones that reflect my interests (see: cuteness) the most.

5amgf is also a showcase for my pixel collection, which i have been steadily amassing since 2014. as of now, it boasts more than 70,000 graphics from all over the web! generally, i just love cute pixels and art and stuff. collecting and sorting them is a true labour of love, an activity in which i can become totally absorbed.

there is something so freeing about CSS. i love that i can decorate my site however i like, giving each page a unique layout and styling. the best part is trying new things with each design, learning more and more, and tweaking things until they're perfect... i could make silly little webpages all day without getting bored!


Nice to meet you! i am the webmaster here at 5amgf, speaking to you directly through gentle text on a monitor, feather-light and easy to read. take a deep breath! relax your shoulders! look at this kitty and know that for just this one moment, everything is fine.

my screen name is Five. should you ever say it aloud, please pronounce it as a very soft sigh, like you're comfy and about to fall asleep. i am an angel here on earth, and i think most people can tell just by looking. i like to sing. my favourite time of day is early morning, when the world is empty and asleep. if i could spend my entire life in a little cottage with my soulmate, tending a garden and painting wildflowers on the cupboards, then i'd want to live forever.


Name: Five (5) (Е) (V) (五) ()
Age: someone else's past life
Height: 12 apples
Weight: 33 apples
Motto: "wen day is dark alway rember happy day."

Strengths: intuitive and a good listener. can fit in small spaces.
Weakness: stubborn. asocial. impeccable memory, forgets anyway.
Personality: Dorodere (ドロデレ) a sweet and friendly type! tries to be normal, with mixed results. secretly deranged but would never harm anyone.

Favourite Type of Person: eccentric yet respectable
Movie with Every Line Memorised: Madoka Magica: Rebellion
What She Desires Right Now: a warm bubble bath with a toy boat
Important Numbers: 222. 1111. Twelve.

Recommended Reading

House of Leaves
by Mark Z. Danielewski

"The Egg"
by Andy Weir

Coin Locker Babies
by Ryu Murakami

by Franz Kafka

To You, The Immortal
by Yoshitoki Ōima

234 Second Introduction

685 Second Introduction

63 Second Introduction

359 Second Introcdution

go back to sleep...