Musical Delicacies
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26 January

the soundfont in Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl is my favourite of all the games. i can't quite place why i like it beyond nostalgia— probably because i can't identify any of the instruments! even so, it's really nice to listen to soundtracks from that generation. i like the nighttime themes best. Twinleaf and Floaroma have the best themes for sleeping.

6 January

in the sweetest time, dare yori mo... how many times did i turn on the wii just to watch Rune Factory Frontier's opening PV and then turn it back off? it's such a good song. that jazzy, upbeat j-pop vibe can't be beat. in the brightest light, itsu made mo... i love it.

2 January

Lianne la Havas' 2012 Album Is Your Love Big Enough is so beautiful. after listening to it the first time, i looped it back for another run. i can't even choose a favourite song since they all flow together so beautifully. every time i try to zero in one a specific track, i think "wow! this is the best one yet!" so really, all i know is that a beautiful woman spent a couple hours serenading me with her guitar.

the deluxe edition has some live recordings as well, apparently. i like how stripped down they are, especially "Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye" with just vocals and Chilly Gonzales' piano accompaniment.

this was an album i acquired over a year ago when i was just skimming for Black artists and ended up with more music than i had the attention span to properly enjoy. i'm thankful that i've got the chance to listen to it now! maybe i'll seek out some more stuff from her discography soon. her genre is right up my alley. reminds me of Rosemary Fairweather, but like... R&B.

24 December

when i first heard Glass Animals' album How to Be a Human Being, i immediately proclaimed it the greatest album of 2016. i'm not sure how well that statement holds up anymore, but i still like to revisit my favourite tracks from time to time. "Mama's Gun" is as beautiful as always.

23 December

absolutely obsessed with the song for Chainsaw Man's "Ending 0." it's only a manga right now, just finishing up its final chapter, so there is no anime adaptation. however, it seems there are several fans who create unofficial ending PVs using the manga panels. this one in particular is so creative! and UNCHAIN's aesthetic really fits the vibe of Chainsaw Man. i wonder if the creator chose them based on the band name, too? either way, i really love it!

10 December

Ichiko Aoba's new album "Windswept Adan" is defo my album of the month! it came out this December, too, so i think it's pretty fitting. it's interesting to hear her branching away from classical guitar. my most beloved albums from her, 0% and Mahoroboshiya, are just her soft spoken vocals and guitar, after all.

i liked the piano interludes, though i can't recall any of them by name right now. overall the album just has a really lighthearted, relaxing feeling. i'm a bit too tired to articulate any other thoughts right now...

i want to write about her new live album, too, sometime. the BGM track is quite gorgeous.

also, can't stop thinking about the song that plays in the Wizard's house in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade... i love that game so much. the repetitiveness of the track makes it very fun to sing.

2 December

kind of obsessed with Onuma Parsley's "Corruption." the beat is awesome, the melody catchy, and i love music with unconventional instrumentation. plus the lyrics are something else.

"who is the you reflected in the mirror, floating about with an unfitting smile?"

i really, really like it!! i swear, i could listen to it on repeat for ages. i'm excited to absolutely ruin this song by overplaying it. the only thing i really dislike is the video's weird, gross choice for art. it's befitting of the song's theme, but i do not like to look at it...

27 November

it's been a really long time since i've heard a voca song with Rin... i think Kashii Moimi's "Elopement" does a really good job with her! i always feel nostalgic for her voicebank even though i never really cared for her. i suppose she's just a novelty now, huh? nowadays it seems everyone uses Miku, Flower, and occasionally Gumi. pretty sure GigaP is the last one upholding the Rin Len supremacy— and everyone just listens to the Reol versions anyway.

anyway, the piano accompaniment in "Elopement" reminds me of Supercell! the PV especially makes me think of the Naruto Shippuden ending with Utaka Hanabi. wow, it's hard to believe that PV is 10 years old... ... wah... i'm so old.

26 November

so the Eve song wasn't that great. apparently it's the opening theme for some new anime called Jujutsu Kaisen, which neither interests me nor makes the song any more appealing. instead i wanna talk about that PinocchioP song "LOVEIT" because i didn't get the chance in my last music diary.

in general, PinocchioP is pretty hit or miss for me. i like "What's Inside?" and "Apple Dot Com" but most of his other work, including the classics, don't interest me. maybe if i give them a proper listen i'll come to appreciate them more? that's usually how it goes for me when i relisten to music i initially disliked.

but anyway! "LOVEIT" is a masterpiece. although it took me a couple days to realise the pun on "love it" and "rabbit," i've been obsessed with the idea ever since. 「 ラビット 」sounds like both of those phrases!!! it's quite ingenious. i think there are some other puns in the lyrics, but i haven't listened all that closely.

i really hope that someone made gifs of miku in the PV. she looks so cute!! especially at the end with her angel wings, aww...

25 November

apparently there's a new Eve song out and if it's anything like "How to Eat Life" then i'm gonna lose my mind from the catchiness. but instead of checking it out, i am just listening to the same Bad Suns' song that i constantly looped in high school. the bassline is really good!! i can't help it.