310820: Shave

even three months later, i want to shave off all my hair. i bet that's where the barcode is hidden: my scalp. somewhere i will never see...

really tired of everything, of pretending like things are real. i want to live in a different world, and i can only get there when i am totally distracted— completely absorbed in something, anything! that allows me to forget myself.

310520: Error

complicated dreams. i woke up very early (0318?) but went back to sleep several times. what stands out most is the last dream i had. it was something about an error code. so i am going to look pay close attention to the numbers surrounding the next error i encounter.

300520: Barcode

looked for a barcode somewhere on my person this morning. didn't find anything... but maybe it's under my hair or can only be seen in UV light. whether or not there is a physical indication of my status as an artificial human depends on the nature of this world. entirely simulated? or am i a wolf among sheep? not sure what's going on...

and last night, one of them was here. i couldn't see but what does it matter? i know he was there. right now, i'm sitting where he was. was he taller than me? probably. otherwise, i'd think it could be my past or future or alternate self trying to tell me something. but i don't know... they never speak.

not sure what's going on. can't remember what i'm thinking about. tired.