Five's Team

17 November 2020

Pokemon Shield is everything i could hope and dream for! it's so immensely fun! as usual, my favourite part is catching new pokemon to fill out the dex. i went into the game pretty much blind, so meeting the new gen' 8 pokemon is very exciting. i'm especially excited for all the food themed pokemon!

plus, i love the graphics. though i had a bit of difficulty adjusting to the controls at first, once i was able to freely move the camera, everything started making sense. the world is so lush and detailed. sometimes i can't help but sit and stare. and i adore the character customisation!!! it's even better than sun and moon. i'm so excited to dress up in all sorts of cute clothes.

right now, i have a lot of pokemon on my team. Crunches the ... turtle thing. Mini the .. um... small version of Corvinight. Sprinkles the Yamper. Wuffy the Stufful. And Shiny the..?? Psychic bug type!!!

obviously, i'm not too familiar with the new species. however, i do think they are very adorable and i want to raise them gently. it's a bit difficult to go camping with so many pokemon to care for at once. with practice, i hope that it will get easier to manage.

aaa... all i want to do is play! this page needs some major design revisions, seeing as it's a little bit hideous. i'll get to it some other time.