20 April

is this southern gothic?

semi-obsessed with this track on The Crane Wives album Foxlore. i like to listen to it on repeat and imagine a Soukoku animatic in my head. come to think of it, i have lots of songs like that. for some reason there's a Fall Out Boy album i find perfect for Madoka Magica AMVs. maybe i'll write about them all later on.

anyways, "Curses" has a really good vibe to it. whatever that woodwind instrument is at the opening, i love it. a clarinet? maybe? ... i looked it up, and it is indeed a clarinet and seems to be a bit off-brand for The Crane Wives. either way, i really like the whimsical mood it makes. it's a nice contrast to the dark-ish lyrics. the chorus is the best part.

oh ashes, ashes, dust to dust
the devil's after both of us
oh lay my curses out to rest
make a mercy out of me

now that i think about it, the surreal lyrics and folk-style instrumentals remind me of Florence + The Machine. just a little bit. feeling too scattered to make any of this make sense.

29 March

it's so pretty and calming

i love the Bungou Stray Dogs soundtrack. the original version of Scarlet Sky (with vocals) is from Volume 2, while this short piano version is from the Dead Apple movie.

overall, i think those two volumes have the best songs! like, "The Door" is also so, so good, especially when it leads straight into "Dead Apple." definitely not as peaceful as "Scarlet Sky" but always a favourite. i like how dramatic it feels.

"Ah, Elise" is another great one. for some reason, when i listen to it i feel as though i'm standing on those slightly submerged train tracks in Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.

it's a nice feeling.

let's go back to sleep