Name: Five ( 5 )
Age: someone else's past life
Height: 12 apples
Weight: 33 apples

Strengths and Weaknesses: people say i'm intuitive and a good listener, but i rarely learn my lesson. also, i'm very devoted! only for Twelve though, sorry.

Favourite Type of Person: eccentric yet respectable

What She Desires Right Now: a warm bubble bath with a toy boat

Motto: "you did your best."

What She Likes About Neocities: it's easy, fun, and private to use!


my favourite time of day is just before sunrise. aside from birds, the world is completely deserted. it's nice to walk around knowing that everyone else is far away in a dream.

also, i love cute things, like plush toys, insects, flowers, pixel art, and stickers.

my favourite animal in the world is the nematamorpha, also known as the horsehair worm or Gordian worm. they are cute little parasites that lay eggs in an arthropod host, then pilot it to commit suicide by drowning so the larvae hatch in water. i also like sheep!! they're so cute and fluffy. i'd love to pet one, wah.

What's 5 a.m. GF?

on my humble little homepage, i like to write about my daily thoughts and ideas. it's like having five different blogs in one! the best part is creating a unique aesthetic and layout for each page. i love that i can decorate my site however i want.

the bulk of my "coding" skill, i've learnt just this year, 2020. i'm hesitant to call it coding or even web design because i'm just putzing around with CSS— but it sure is fun!

all the graphics on this site are from my personal pixel collection containing 70k+ images. i have been collecting them since 2014! at this point, i can't recall where most are from, if i ever knew.

nevertheless, here are a few sites that i really like!!

Very Good Morning!

greetings! i am the webmaster here at 5 a.m. girlfriend. should you ever say my name aloud, please pronounce it as a very soft sigh, like when you're comfy and about to fall asleep.

though i am an angel here on Earth, all you'll know of me is words on a screen. i promise, it's for the best! my dream is to sleep peacefully for seven nights in a row.

5amGF hosts a collection of diaries. i prefer digital journalling because i have a lot more freedom with the medium. my paper diaries were never cute enough for my tastes!!! thankfully, neocities fills the perfect niche.

thank you for visiting. i hope you enjoy your stay and have a good night's rest.

How Nice to Meet You!