Tributes Lain at the Shrine of Dazai

by a cruel twist of fate, it seems that other people also love Dazai— though they cannot by any means hope to match my otherworldly levels of devotion and ire. as such, i do not feel threatened. more optimistically, the emotional investment of others results in plenty of high quality fan-content. here's a small selection of the buffet to whet your palate.

that one time Dazai said oya oya

this is a short clip from the anime adaption of the prequel light novel, Osamu Dazai and the Dark Era, which occupies the first three episodes of season 2, featuring, ostensibly, the only time Dazai says "oya oya." i think he should say it more.

Lost Umbrella

Twelve, who has even better taste than me and, more importantly, occupies the karmic slot in this universe chiseled out for BSD Dazai, loves this video. it's my favourite from sakisayaka, though all her videos are great. she's a really talented editor!

Do or Die

no matter the fandom, i really love creative AMVs with unique storytelling. this one is exceptionally well edited and cool! it seems to be an AU where Dazai infiltrates the Armed Detective Agency while keeping his position as a Port Mafia executive. neat stuff.


this song is so catchy. it has the vibes of 2009 vocaloid despite being a 2018 production. not to mention how much i love it when the JP fandom goes all in on the angst— we need more Dazai fanworks featuring nooses! seriously. there ought to be a quota.

Charles (click to enlarge)
Good Morning Melancholy

i am objective in the opinion that this is the best Dazai playlist on youtube, which i know for a fact because i made it myself. sadly, i'm being hunted for copyright crimes and the embedded video won't work...

Personal Etchings of my Love

whenever i pick up my pencil, i find myself drawing Dazai— almost as if the boundless love i feel for him is guiding my hand, reproducing his image against my will. thankfully, he is very easy and fun to draw! the three pictures above are the product of one relaxing September evening spent with Twelve: i drew and she watched. feel free to click on them for a ""hi-res"" version, but let's be real. there's not a lot of detail work going on there.

since then, i've penned countless masterpieces in Dazai's image, though most ended up on weird things like post-it notes and random scraps of paper. maybe one day i'll scan those doodles and host them here, too.

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