Crescent Memory

site launch 05.05.2020


  1. Un Jour / Chercher Joie
    • an easygoing journal about the day's activities and ponderings
  2. Song of the day
    • which song did i loop for twelve hours today? find out here!
  3. Escaping Salvation
    • sometimes you just have to be a little psychotic


  1. Star Symphonia
    • tracking my progress in rhythm game Ensemble Stars!! Music
  2. Even a Worm...
    • ...will scribble nonsense where no one will find it. my compositions


  1. Double Blossom Mission Log
    • chronicling moments with my soulmate, the girl of my dreams
  2. Dawnstruck
    • various writings of a lyrical nature, all for the one I adore ... old version ...


  1. Webmaster profile
    • the mind and hands and tears responsible for 5 a.m. Girlfriend.


31.08.2020 i missed this website...! end of hiatus!!!

16.06.2020 not much going on... linked schizo journal

24.05.2020 gay diary now ft. reasons to love my girl~ also increased mobile compatibility.

17.05.2020 enstars page in the works!

09.05.2020 diary and love journal are live! check em out!

06.05.2020 index is cute ^.^ navi on its way

05.05.2020 site launch! good morning!

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