site launch: 05.05.2020


02.01.21 new index page~ the navi will see an update soon, too!

01.01.21 the january journal is my new favourite...!!

31.12.20 well, that's that! let's have a nice year in 2021!

25.12.20 merry christmas~

02.12.20 lot's of little things to clean up but... for now, enjoy a new journal.

25.11.20 a new music diary for the winter!

23.11.20 the 5am girlfriend... uncovered 0__+0 !

09.11.20 look at that!! a food diary appeared!

02.11.20 happy november ^__+^

29.10.20 fwoosh! added a music diary.

28.10.20 the book club looks much better now ^.^ and i added a full list of reasons that i'm in love.

27.10.20 my favourite page has an all new look! dedicated to my love, Twelve. ❤

26.10.20 the book club is open for spectators~ or maybe you'll peruse the archives for entries long lost.

22.10.20 pew pew! new index, navi, and october journal.



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