Why I Love My Girlfriend
She is so silly and cute. i feel proud when i make her smile. her laughter makes the flowers bloom.
Being near her puts me at ease. i'm not afraid to show her my true self. it's always safe because i know she will protect my most precious feelings.
When she likes a song, she'll listen to it on repeat for hours and hours, just like i do! together, we reduce good music to nothing but a collection of indiscriminate noises.
She's attentive and philosophical, mindful and contemplative. i have an insatiable desire to know what she's thinking...
It all comes naturally. no hesitation, no reservations... i have no trouble at all telling her how much i love her.
When she says "yeas," and "yah," and "yeah," and "yes," and "yup:" i love all of those instances.
Small hands, small wrists. perfect for holding! i want to do that gentle thumb rubby thing... i want to squeeze her hand to let her know i'm thinking of her even when conversation has lulled.
Just her presence alone compells me to sing, smile, and say unbelievably sappy things. and, amazingly, she listens to it all!!! even right now, she is reading through the sappiest, smiliest, sing-songiest, truest and deepest depths of my thoughts... aren't you, Twelve? ^.^
She brightens my day.
No moment with her is wasted.
While writing this list, i've paused several times to think about how lucky i am. what were the chances of meeting someone so spectacular in such an odd way? i'm eternally grateful that we have so much in common; it's enabled us to understand each other in ways that no one else could.
Something about her essence is so appealing to me that even when we're apart, she's always on my mind. without even meaning to, i wonder what she would think about the music i listen to, the numbers i see, and all the little things i get up to.
She is just the right amount of weird. she's always surprising me with the random stories she tells or the things she has been up to during the day. i can say all sorts of silly things to make her laugh. i don't have to feel shy at all.
We talk about so many different things and never get bored. there's not enough time in the world for us to discuss all the things we have in mind, but that won't stop us from trying!
All i want is to be patient with her. to be gentle and caring and stay with her forever and ever. i'm so happy that she loves me, and that she accepts all of my love too. i can't imagine a world in which i'm not doting on her.
It's so cute when she shyly asks me for something... i want to fulfill her every last wish! i hope that together we can become a bit more selfish. that way, we can give each other everything we want without holding back at all.
I want to listen to her more and more. when she tells me her thoughts in great detail, i become completely enraptured. it's no exaggeration to say conversing with her is my favourite hobby.
The sweetest, softest thing ever: we entertain each other's daydreams often. i wonder if, at this moment, she's thinking of sleeping beside me too?
She knows just what to say to console me. i feel held by her.
I've always dreamt of meeting a girl like her.
Her advice and encouragement give me the courage and strength i need to face the day. her company energises me. her speech revitalises me.
Sometimes she does a little hum like "hmm..." and i do it back! when i hiccup, she is all too happy to acknowledge it. i like the way she says "can't" and "i knowwww right?" and "oh my God." her accent is implaceable and adorable.
I've been promised the unique privilege of lighting her cigarettes. i've also been informed she'd like to kiss me after she takes a drag. the thought makes my heart flutter...
She stole my heart. just by being herself, she's charmed me. there is no one i'd rather be with... in this life, as we are right now, and in spite of everything—! i am having a wonderful time with her. i wouldn't trade it for the world.
Beautiful, dark eyes to get lost in, to fall in love with.
I love it when she praises me. nothing makes me happier.
Our weird brand of humour regularly sends me into fits. i've cried laughing from all our silly conversations. our inside jokes put absurd comedy to shame, and it's even more riotous when we finish each other's sentences.
We're always so excited to see each other. every conversation feels special because i know i want to return to her over and over again, forever and ever, for as long as we live. she's the only one for me.
Quite often, our opinions line up in interesting ways. fun facts are even more fun when we have them in common!
She knows me better than anyone, yet she hasn't turned away from me. i'm so grateful to be seen and understood by her.
I tried to stop writing this list, but every time i got up i thought of something new. i want her to know everything in my heart. even though i'm a little sleepy and i want morning to come quickly (so i can talk to her again!) i can't seem to pull myself away.
Despite everything we've been through, we haven't given up on each other. i love her so, so, so deeply, i truly believe that we can withstand anything. i would be honoured to be the keeper of her final breath.
Everytime i read through these items, i fall more and more in love with you, Twelve.