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  • 02.06.21 semi-hiatus declaration. ^w^ for the month of June i will likely be too busy doing homosexual acts to update my website
  • 08.05.21 by accident, i stayed up past midnight making a very fun page... hehe
  • 01.05.21 wow, it's already may! the one year anniversary of 5amgf is almost upon us~
  • 28.04.21 celebrating 400 days in love with my darling
  • 01.04.21 happy april~ here's a new journal. it's quite cute!
  • 29.03.21 yay, a new music diary! i like to look at this one, so i'll use it more ^.^
  • 01.03.21 looks like we're off to a good start with the march journal~
  • 28.02.21 new hobby hub page for easy navigation! also a video game diary :+)
  • 27.02.21 finally updated the archives to include all my old diaries and unfinished pages
  • 22.02.21 oopsies, accidental hiatus~ i'm back now! happy monday 22/2/21~
  • 01.02.21 february starts off with a new journal! it's still cold!!! i can't wait for the springtime...
  • 06.01.21 updated about page :+)
  • 04.01.21 here we go! a brand new navigational page!!! plus, a button~!!
  • 02.01.21 new index page~ the navi will see an update soon, too!
  • 01.01.21 the january journal is my new favourite...!!
  • 31.12.20 well, that's that! let's have a nice year in 2021!
  • 25.12.20 merry christmas~
  • 02.12.20 lot's of little things to clean up but... for now, enjoy a new journal.
  • 25.11.20 a new music diary for the winter!
  • 23.11.20 the 5am girlfriend... uncovered 0__+0 !
  • 09.11.20 look at that!! a food diary appeared!
  • 02.11.20 happy november ^__+^
  • 29.10.20 fwoosh! added a music diary.
  • 28.10.20 the book club looks much better now ^.^ and i added a full list of reasons that i'm in love.
  • 27.10.20 my favourite page has an all new look! dedicated to my love, Twelve. ❤
  • 26.10.20 the book club is open for spectators~ or maybe you'll peruse the archives for entries long lost.
  • 22.10.20 pew pew! new index, navi, and october journal.


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